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the non-nightmare dream I had

I've been having constant nightmares since I dreamt this, actually, so it's really weird. I won't post those though. I doubt anyone would be interested in what my mind conjures up to torment me. I'm also only going to post the cliffnotes version of this (mostly because I don't remember all details... or a lot of it... very well anyway).

Okay, so about a year ago I took my very first babysitting job. After that I took a vow NEVER to babysit again. So the first thing that happens in my weird dream is that I end up taking a babysitting job... on an island. in the middle of nowhere.
The job's going well, when all of the sudden the kids freak out and start acting really badly. And I mean REALLY badly, like hitting people and all that stuff. People start running around and screaming, and all of the sudden eveything just goes quiet.
Well, it turns to be an island of zombies. At the point where I'm attacked by one, I realize I'm dreaming and can therefore do anything I want. So I take an axe out of nowhere and cut it's head off, before blowing up the island.
I end up flying away to another island and living there peacefully for about fifteen minutes before I realize something. It's an island of people who turn into fish at the fullmoon.

how freaky is that??? no wonder I can't sleep. I'm afraid of what stupid things I'll dream about...
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Gee that is weird. If you're having trouble sleeping, you might have tried this but try counting to five and then down to one again. Always works for me. Well talk to you later.
haven't tried that... I should do that.
yup, weird... wish I could remember last night's dream though... I know it must've been even weirder, because the only thing I can remember very well from it is that it was all about everyday life.
oh wait, that would be a nightmare, wouldn't it?